October 27-29, 2020
Virtual Event

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These sessions are open to all attendees of MRO TransAtlantic 2020.

Maintenance Cost Management for Airlines during the Pandemic

Listen on how IATA is helping airlines coping with the impact of the COVID19 pandemic, from the cost of maintaining grounded aircraft to the industry restart plan, by identifying the MRO cost drivers and managing aircraft maintenance costs efficiently. Following this, we get feedback from the airlines on how they can use these strategies, practices and insight to improve their Technical Operations cost management.

  • Presenter: Geraldine Cros, Manager Operational Cost Management, IATA

The Digital Ecosystem

“We’re going digital.” Great - but what does that really mean? This session covers the full lifecycle of the digital ecosystem from start to finish. Who is involved? How does it all connect? By the end of this session you will be an expert on the circle of digital life.

  • Moderator: Vivek Saxena, Managing Director, Advisory Aerospace OSC
  • Rahul Ghai, Chief Digital Officer,  AAR
  • Karine Lavoie-Tremblay, Director, Business Relationship, Digital Technologies, Pratt & Whitney

MRO IT System Modernization

Many of the world’s largest airlines are using an MRO IT platform originally developed over 30 years ago. What are the benefits of modernization? What are the risks? At what point and  criteria does it make sense to modernize a tried and proven MRO IT system?

  • Moderator: Dave Ricketts, VP and General Manager – Transportation, Energy and Automotive Industries, DXC Technology
  • Peter Conrardy, Senior Director, Aftermarket Digital Services, Aftermarket Services, Collins Aerospace
  • Serdar Yorgancigil, Senior Vice President,  Digital Enablement, AAR
  • Scott Helmer, President, Aerospace & Defense, IFS


Passionate and innovative speakers covering hot topics in 15 minutes or less!

Digital Transformation
  • Vana Kardasi, Maintenance Cost Manager, Aegean Airlines

Freighters and Cargo Conversions

Demand is growing: General overview of the Freighters aircraft considering COVID-19. Who has taken advantage of opportunities such as cabin modification opportunities and successfully adapted to this passenger-to-cargo shift? What might this mean for MRO business

  • Alistair Dibisceglia, Chief Leasing & Trading Officer, Vallair

Passenger Experience in the New World
  • Aurélie Germain, Airlines & MRO Senior Business Consultant, Dassault Systemes

Technology for Higher Efficiency, Safer Flying and Greater Flexibility

All market players will be under serious pressure to control costs, but what technology and innovation exists to sustain current operations and support rebuild and recovery plans?

Remote Technology

What technology supports remote data sharing, reduces fuel burn or supports practices necessitated by companies to keep staff and passengers safe? Are there any companies supporting the further development of paperless and digital signatures?

Retaining Talent

Previous debate has focused on a manpower shortage but now we must understand how we can retain talent and up-skilling when downscaling is necessitated. Do we have the workforce to match the post-COVID19 in-service fleet?

Unlocking the Power of Data

There is a lot of talk about the marketplace for parts and repairs.  But is the industry at a point to create a data marketplace (e.g., iqvia in the healthcare industry) that enables the democratization of data for massively benefitting the stakeholders?  What would it take for this to happen?  What are the implications for stakeholders? 

  • Raman Ram, Partner, McKinsey & Company

Certification and Qualification of Metal AM for MROs

Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) is an on-demand option for part availability issues or low production quantities that are too expensive for traditional manufacturing. Yet, AM has faced limited adoption with MROs because the part quality requires certification and qualification. This session will cover the following:

Understand the most efficient path to certification and qualification of AM printed parts for MROs

Discuss the value of having a metal AM material property database (recognized by the FAA) for the full aviation supply chain - not just limited to Tier 1 providers.

  • Will Hasting, Director of Aviation and Power Turbine Solutions, VELO3D