October 27-29, 2020
Virtual Event

Exhibitor Resource Center

Welcome to the MRO TransAtlantic Virtual Exhibitor Resource Center.
The user guides below will help you to create your virtual presence. Please download them and review. There are step by step instructions for most items you will need for your virtual experience.

All Exhibitors will receive a code to register. This code will be sent to the person indicated on your exhibitor contract. By registering with this code, you will automatically be added as a booth representative on the GRIP virtual platform. The code will no longer work once the allocation is filled.

If your company has not received a registration code, please contact [email protected]

You will still need to log in and complete your personal profile for networking.  You will receive a welcome email with your login credentials and details to access the event platform. 

Exhibitors have access to the event platform prior to the event opening to complete their profiles and become familiarized with the platform.

Upon joining the platform, the first task will be to complete your personal profile. This profile allows the AI matchmaking algorithm to match you with other attendees that share your interests and goals. In this section, you will be able to:

  • Upload a picture
  • Enter your personal information
  • Select the times you will make yourself available to meet with other attendees.

The GRIP platform refers to Exhibitor representatives as Teams. Your team consists of the number of representatives allocated with your exhibit package. 

Note: The first representative to log into the Team will be classified as the Team Administrator. Other members can be made Admins by the original Admin.

  • Basic = 2 Representatives
  • Pro = 5 Representatives
  • Premium = 10 Representatives


Please see the checklist so that you have the items ready to complete your company profile.  This includes and embedded video, company description and products. 

Matched Networking is a fantastic way of being introduced to attendees who matter most to your business. On registration, the attendee is asked several profile building questions to define the attendee’s objectives for the event. The registration system is then able to match you to attendees who have a common business interest.

Exhibitors will get about a 1 week head start to get their profiles set up. The event will open up to all attendees about 2 weeks before the event dates. This time should be used to schedule meetings and reach out to attendees. The matchmaking helps narrow down your prospects, but you can reach out to any attendee.

You can take 3 types of action immediately on these matches: 

  • Skip – this is an anonymous way to let the platform know this person is not of interest. They will be removed from your matches and the system will learn from this action.
  • Interested – like a handshake, this is where you can mark an attendee as someone of interest. It notifies them of your action and saves them in your “Interested” list.
  • Meeting – this will bring up a window to arrange a 1-to-1 video call (all housed within the event platform so no external software required!)

All exhibitor representatives will have access to the conference sessions. The sessions are listed on the Event Agenda. You will not need to download any additional software or log in anywhere else. All content is available within the GRIP virtual platform. 

Time Zones: The event takes place in Eastern Standard Time (EST). All event timings are on the event web site as EST. When you log into the GRIP virtual platform; the event timings will adjust to the time zone of your location.

Set your availability carefully: While this event focuses on the issues and concerns of the TransAtlantic region, and the conference schedule is a built to accommodate the TransAtlantic timeframe, the virtual platform makes this a truly global event. When setting times to meet with other attendees, you can mark yourself available or unavailable for whatever time frames you chose within your own profile. When scheduling meetings, times that are marked as busy will not be available for attendees.

Be Proactive! Attendees will be allowed into the platform beginning 2 weeks prior to the event. Check frequently to see who has joined the event and start scheduling meetings with them. 

Browser: To make the most of the experience, we recommend using the desktop version of the event. For best results, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser.

Manage Your Leads:  The Inbound Leads section features profiles of people that have shown interest in you, one or multiple team members, and/or your company during the event. The section is dynamic, as the profiles will remain on the list until you take action on them of either requesting a meeting or swiping them as Interested or Skip. Every exhibitor is entitled to capture inbound leads. However, you must review your leads and respond either by:

  1. Marking that person as “interested”
  2. Accepting a meeting
  3. Requesting a meeting (the lead will be a lead after he/she has accepted)